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International Rail Investigation Summary - May 2016

RSSB 13/06/2016

This is a collation of some of the world’s railway formal inquiry reports. It includes a brief incident synopsis, along with the main causes and recommendations from each investigation.

Readers may find some of the actions and recommendations useful to their own operations.

Co-ordinated by Greg Morse, Operational Feedback Specialist, RSSB

Proceeding at caution

RSSB 31/05/2016

How should you communicate the instruction to proceed at caution; and how, as a driver, should you drive once the instruction has been given?

SPAD and TPWS Reports & Data

+Weekly Multi-SPAD Signal List
+Category A SPADs on the network
+OPSRAM data for Network Rail Routes
+Monthly SPAD Update
+Annual Safety Performance Report

And it was all yellow

RSSB 25/05/2016

Companies are now able to make their own informed choice about their trains’ front end colour, as long as the right risk assessment is done and all affected parties are involved.

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